Amazement is Not Faith

“And when the demon was driven out, the man who had been mute spoke. The crowd was amazed and said, ‘Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel’” (Matthew 9:33).

Why was the crowd amazed? They were amazed because they saw Jesus doing something they didn’t think He had the ability to do. They didn’t expect it.

We get amazed when we see God do something in our lives that we weren’t expecting. But when we’re in faith and believe He’s going to do what He said He’s going to do, instead of amazement, we should have excitement and joy. There is a difference between rejoicing and amazement. As faith people we must understand the difference. You can usually spot the difference in people when God moves mightily.

A few years ago when I was traveling, my wife and I were in Columbia, Missouri. When we walked in the auditorium, there was a man sitting in the back. The man who had asked me to speak that evening said, “Don’t worry about that man who is sitting in the back. He comes to every meeting, and he is totally stone deaf. He has two hearing aids, but he can’t hear anything. He really loves the Lord and shows up at these meetings. The reason that I’m telling you this is because he sleeps and snores. Since he can’t hear anything, he doesn’t realize he snores really loud. Nobody wants to go back and bother and embarrass him. We just wanted you to know that, so you won’t be offended.”

When I got up to speak, he stayed awake for a little while, but he eventually fell asleep and snored. When the end of the meeting came, people came forward for ministry. This gentleman woke up and also came forward and got in the prayer line. I remember taking his hands and asking, “What would you like to receive from the Lord?” Since he didn’t hear very well, he talked really loud. He shouted, “I want to hear!” So I just said in a normal voice, “In the name of Jesus, ears be restored, be healed” and touched his ears. That’s all I did.

The man reached up and hooked his fingers around the hearing aid wires and yanked his hearing aids out. They were dangling down on the front of his shirt. He backed up and his eyes were wide! I said, “What’s wrong?” The man yelled, “Quit screaming!” I hadn’t said anything loud. But, because his hearing aids were turned up on full power, when I said, “Be healed,” he thought I was shouting. He hadn’t heard in years and even normal sounds seemed loud.

We laughed and rejoiced at his miracle healing. There was no amazement when he was healed because it was expected. Rejoicing follows expecting. Amazement follows surprise.

When you are ministering under the anointing, there should be total confidence that God is going to do what He said He would do. When you see a miracle healing, you should not stand in amazement. Amazement is a result of seeing something you didn’t expect. We should expect God to always keep His Word.

When God moves mightily, we should shout in victory. Strong faith is joyful and confident but is never surprised at what God does.

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