Stay Out of the Ditch!

“Therefore be imitators of God as dear children” (Ephesians 5:1). At Faith Bible Training Center we have several classes that are designed for ministers only. In these classes we have seasoned ministers and ministers who are just starting their ministry careers. Over the years, one thing I have noticed is that most young ministers fallContinue reading “Stay Out of the Ditch!”

Developing a Relationship with the Father

We need to develop a relationship with God. We must have regular prayer, Bible study, and conversation with Him so that we will not just know about Him, but so we can know Him and can say the things He says. Anytime you have a poor confession, or anytime we say something that is contraryContinue reading “Developing a Relationship with the Father”

Protect Your Man of God

At a recent ministers’ conference, there was a seminar entitled, “Protecting the Anointing.” I overheard one minister comment, “Why should we try to protect the anointing? I thought it was the anointing that protected us!” Although his statement is true, it is also true that many times a good message from God can go unheardContinue reading “Protect Your Man of God”

Respect for the House of God

I come from a denominational background. As a child, I attended church with my parents every Wednesday and Sunday – morning and night. My parents made sure I participated in all the church functions, both spiritually and socially. I was in the church bell choir and sang with various musical quartets. As a child, attendingContinue reading “Respect for the House of God”