Jews, Gentiles, and the Church

From the time Adam was taken out of the garden until the time of Abraham, there was only one group of people on the earth – the Gentiles. But out of the Gentiles, God called Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and through Jacob (Israel) God established a second group of people. They were His chosen people,Continue reading “Jews, Gentiles, and the Church”

Without the Word, Faith Cannot Exist

When we open the Bible, we should not have pre-conceived ideas. Wouldn’t it be great if we could open the Word of God, not as people of a specific denominational church, but simply as Christians, and accept clearly what God’s Word says? Even though most Christians claim to believe the entire Bible as the inspiredContinue reading “Without the Word, Faith Cannot Exist”

God Is Not Politically Correct

God has not changed. The things He disapproved of during the time of Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Paul, He still disapproves of today. God is not an evolving creature who changes His character depending upon His environment. God’s Word always has been and will always be true. Growing up in the United States of America,Continue reading “God Is Not Politically Correct”