Knowing God’s Will in Your Life

Over the years, our ministry has received thousands of prayer requests. We believe in the power of the prayer of faith. However, there is one thing that has been consistent. People want to know what God wants them to do. They want to know God’s will for their lives. Recently a man wrote and askedContinue reading “Knowing God’s Will in Your Life”

How to Eliminate Frustration

There are several causes for frustration, but the greatest cause that I have ever encountered is having more people to see, more meetings to attend, more decisions to make, more places to go, more sermons to write, more classes to teach, and more buildings to build than I have time for. It is true thatContinue reading “How to Eliminate Frustration”

You Can Know God’s Will

A subtle trap that can put you on the road to offense is assuming or supposing something that you don’t know for certain. This type of behavior is so dangerous because it is often based on inaccurate information, particularly when it comes to God. In reality, there is no reason to suppose anything about God.Continue reading “You Can Know God’s Will”