Cancel the Debt and be Free

When someone deeply hurts you, quite often it leaves you with a feeling that they owe you something. Most of the time, the people who hurt you don’t realize what they have done. Let me ask you something. Do you really think other people are planning their life around hurting you? The truth is, veryContinue reading “Cancel the Debt and be Free”

I’ll Forgive You This Time, But You Owe Me

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’ll forgive you this time, but you owe me?” The reason they feel the person owes them is that in reality, they haven’t forgiven him or her. If they would have truly forgiven them, then they would have “canceled the debt” and nothing would have been owed.Continue reading “I’ll Forgive You This Time, But You Owe Me”

The Healed Heart

Unforgiveness is like a cancer that grows deep within the heart. It can remain undetected to the outside world, but it brings destruction. It is impossible to walk in the joy and freshness that hope brings when the poison of unforgiveness is sheltered beneath the surface. There is only one solution to eliminating this hindranceContinue reading “The Healed Heart”

Offense Comes with a Purpose

Like many carnal people, those who hold offense tend to defend themselves by saying, “I have a perfectly good reason for acting the way I do about this situation.” But what they have failed to realize is that offense comes with a number of objectives. The devil will bring offense in order to destroy you,Continue reading “Offense Comes with a Purpose”

Don’t Subject Yourself to Abuse

I want to dispel a very common misconception about abuse and offense. Contrary to what most people think, removing yourself from an abusive situation doesn’t necessarily mean you are offended or unforgiving. For example, if your husband beats you, God does not expect you or your children to remain in such an environment. And leavingContinue reading “Don’t Subject Yourself to Abuse”