I’ll Forgive You This Time, But You Owe Me

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’ll forgive you this time, but you owe me?” The reason they feel the person owes them is that in reality, they haven’t forgiven him or her. If they would have truly forgiven them, then they would have “canceled the debt” and nothing would have been owed.Continue reading “I’ll Forgive You This Time, But You Owe Me”

The Healed Heart

Unforgiveness is like a cancer that grows deep within the heart. It can remain undetected to the outside world, but it brings destruction. It is impossible to walk in the joy and freshness that hope brings when the poison of unforgiveness is sheltered beneath the surface. There is only one solution to eliminating this hindranceContinue reading “The Healed Heart”

Help for a Broken Heart

When it comes to hope, not understanding the biblical principle of sowing and reaping can bring self‑deception. If you want hope, you must sow hope into others. In your friendships and associations, be the person who encourages and brings light into dark situations. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a manContinue reading “Help for a Broken Heart”


Deception is the enemy’s greatest weapon in keeping a broken heart broken. Truth is God’s weapon for healing a broken heart. Deception binds, blinds, and destroys. Truth frees, illuminates, and releases the captive from bondage. Deception by its very nature is deceptive but those who are deceived rarely recognize it. Why? They are deceived! OnlyContinue reading “Self-Deception”

God is Your Source of Freedom from a Broken Heart

If Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted (which He did), and if He completed everything He came to do (which He did), then why is your heart still broken? There might be many reasons that you are holding on to your broken heart. You may think God allowed your broken heart for a greater purposeContinue reading “God is Your Source of Freedom from a Broken Heart”

The Word is Profitable when Mixed with Faith

People came to Jesus hungry, and they left fed. People came to Jesus sick and deformed and they left healed. People came to Jesus deep in sin and bondage and they left totally set free. We also know, however, that not everyone who lived in Israel at the time of Jesus was healed. There wereContinue reading “The Word is Profitable when Mixed with Faith”