Hope or Worry is Your Choice

Worry and hope are opposites in most ways, but they are similar in these distinct attributes: they are both unseen and have yet to come to pass. Worry is a by-product of fear and fear usually involves an impending disaster that as of yet is unseen. Hope expects to see the goodness of God in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13).

Worry and fear are the exact opposites of hope and faith. Worry and hope look forward into the future and anticipate an impending disaster or blessing. Fear and faith are the substances in the realm of the spirit that activate what is being anticipated. When we believe the promise of God and believe His promise is on its way, we are in hope. When we don’t believe God and His promises, but instead believe there is no hope, we are in worry. Anticipating the promise of God is hope. Anticipating the problems of the world is worry. When this belief about a future event becomes established in the heart, the result is faith or fear.

Where worry exists, the ability to imagine victory does not. Worry and the visualization of victory cannot co-exist because worry is the visualization of defeat. Worry is imagining defeat. Worry is seeing everything going wrong. Godly imagination is seeing everything go right and expecting it. That’s Bible hope. While the imagination of expecting everything good coming to pass is hope, the imagination of expecting everything bad coming to pass is worry.

Worry is a time waster, time killer, hope destroyer, and sleep stealer. Hope leaves you with peace and the ability to rest, even in a storm (John 16:33). Worry or hope is your choice.

Devotion 0730

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