Amazement Exposes a Previous Doubt

If we will be bold with God’s Word, then we can change the world for Jesus. If we’re mealy-mouthed about it and if we live an unholy, wishy-washy lifestyle, the people of the world will look at us and they will not be able to tell any difference between themselves and us. We must have something to offer. We do have something to offer them! We have the Word of God that sets people free!

Do you have financial bondage? Prosperity is in the Word of God. Do you have sickness and disease in your life? Healing is in the Word of God. Do you feel bad about yourself? Confidence in yourself is found in the Word of God. Every solution to every need is in the Word of God.

Jesus said in John 8:31‑32, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Free from what? Free from the things that bind you. Even if you are like Paul and Silas and you are bound up in prison because of preaching the gospel. Even if you have the IRS on your trail and you are going to have to either pay a million dollars or go to jail. Even if you have cancer and you’re flat on your back in a hospital. It doesn’t matter what the world says. We go by what the Word of God says, and we must present it with confidence.

Then when your faith becomes sight and someone says, “Look what happened!” you can say, “I know it! I knew it when we prayed! Glory! I’ll worship with you. Let’s just thank God.”

We must know that God is going to do what He said He’s going to do so much that when it happens, we’re not amazed. Amazement indicates the existence of a previous doubt. Confidence exposes true faith.

Devotion 0202

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