How Do You Change What You Are Believing?

There have been several times in my life, and it still happens occasionally, when I will receive distressing news late in the evening. Even though by nature I am a calm person, these words of discouragement or bad news can linger and affect my sleep that particular night. As a result, I have discovered a way of overpowering the bad news of the day so that I can receive a good night of sweet sleep.

What I do is this: at bedtime, I turn on my television to video recordings of great faith teachers like Kenneth E. Hagin, Charles Capps, or T.L. Osborn. Then I set the timer for an hour or so and go to sleep listening to the Word of God being taught by a minister I trust. When I do this, I sleep well. Sometimes I wake up the next morning knowing something in my heart that I didn’t know the night before when I went to sleep. Most sleep therapists agree that we can learn while we sleep, so it’s imperative to go to sleep with the Word of God to build your hope as you dream.

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17).

We have established by the Word of God that our deliverance is directly connected to our faith, which is the substance of what we hope for and becomes a reality in our lives when we believe and act on it. As we read, hear, meditate, and confess God’s promises, our faith will increase and our hope will grow.

Remember, as you cling to your hope without wavering, the solid foundation of faith will form under you, allowing you to stand strong and withstand the attacks of the enemy. As you walk on the solid foundation of faith, holding onto your hope, your joy and peace will automatically increase, stress will dissipate, and your deliverance will be realized.

Devotion 0724

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