I’m So Hurt

A few days ago, I was driving down the highway with the top down in the Blue Flame, which is the name I lovingly gave to my blue Corvette, and I was really feeling cool. I turned on the radio to the oldies station in order to hear a song that actually had a melody. A commercial was just ending and the first words of the song from the fifties were “I’m so hurt.”

The song continued to explain why the person was hurt and kept returning to the theme and the chorus “I’m so hurt.” Something came up inside of me and made me want to reach into the radio, grab the singer, and say, “Get over it!”

Then the Holy Spirit began to teach me. When we say, “I’m so hurt” and we rehearse the problem that caused us to be hurt and continue to state, “I’m so hurt,” we will continue to be hurt. Jesus said in Mark 11:23 that we have what we say. Our confession should not be, “I’m so hurt.” Our confession should be, “I have been delivered from hurt by the blood of Jesus.” A major problem in the church today is people living their lives with hidden hurts inside. These hurts are sealed up in nice little bags that cause us to look okay in public. However, when we open this baggage to our friends, it stinks!

Have you ever stopped to think that most people don’t want to hear about your hurts? Yes, there are problems in our lives that can hurt us, but they can only hurt us if we receive the hurt. John 10:10 says that the thief is a destroyer. He wants to destroy us. He is relentless and he shows no mercy. If he can’t destroy us with attacks from the outside, then he will attempt to destroy us from the inside. He does this by bringing hurts and offenses our way and tempting us to bring them inside. That’s done when we continue to mentally and verbally rehearse them instead of rehearsing the truth of God’s Word about them. We can stop this cycle by not receiving these hurts and offenses into ourselves.

The choice is yours. Will you rehearse the hurt or will you confess the victory? What you say is what you’ll get. Instead of saying, “I’m so hurt,” say “I’m set free!”

Although we may correct our confession immediately, the hurt itself many times lingers on. But if we stay faithful to speak the truth, then God is faithful to heal our heart. It may take some time, but through the power of His grace, it will be accomplished.

Devotion 0395

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